Contribute to OneDM

Contribute to SDF as description format

Since Data modeling will progress, SDF as a format will have new versions. To drive new features in the description format the exploratory repo has been created. This repo can be used to describe SDF models with new features. The models will not pass validation intentionally, since the models describe new syntax features that are not yet part of the SDF syntax.

If the proposed syntax is accepted by the group, then the following actions needs to happen:

  • Pull request on the validation tooling, adaption needs to verify the proposed feature.
  • Pull request on the SDF language, pull request should describe the new feature
  • Pull request to the unit_test repo, having a few error test cases to verify the validation tooling.
  • Tag the repositories to indicate the new used SDF version.

After the tagging:


All model contributions made to the OneDM repositories will be under BSD-3 license. All contributions can have different copyrights, mentioning the contributing company, organization or person. During the selection process it is anticipated that the model might change. This is allowed due to the BSD-3 license. When doing so the copyright will be extended by the group of experts that required the change.

Contribute Models

To make sure that SDF is up to the task to convey the different models that are currently in use, the playground repository has been created, with models contributed by various organizations in SDF format. Many of these models are automatically generated from the source materials of the participating organizations. Most of the participating organizations have created tooling that supports converting their models to and from SDF. Full round tripping is available to verify if the SDF syntax can convey all the needed information. The playground, exploratory, and unit_test repositories have a CI system in place that analyzes pull requests and provides reports with respect to their syntax usage. The aim is that all models in the playground are syntactically valid SDF files, while the other repositories tolerate (or deliberately contain) deviations.

The process is captured in the following diagram: process flow

Selection process

The creation of the selection process is work in progress. Already a preliminary investigation has been done by the various contributing organizations regarding the possible overlap of models. The currently available models are in the playground. These models are not yet final and needs feature alignment. For example OCF range and LWM2M Min_Range_Value/Max_Range_Value are conveying the same information on the wire. This kind of discrepancies needs to be solved.

What needs to be agreed before the actual down selection of models can take place:

  • Establish a set of common tag names of a feature. Note that this are NOT qualities, this set of tag names is about how to use SDF consistently.

Repository overview

repo name Description
playground playground of non-official data models that could be OneDM data models, but aren’t yet. Correct SDF syntax.
exploratory playground of non-official data models that explore new SDF features or new ways of using SDF. Not always conforming to current SDF validation syntax.
unit_test playground of test models to verify the SDF language.

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