SDF Conversion


This page shows conversion tooling that relates to SDF.


OCF defines resources in Open API specification format. This is a rest full description of resource. It describes per URI which methods are possible and which payloads are used for request and responses. This information is machine-readable (using the JSON variant of OAS2.0) and thus can be used to convert to SDF, also the tooling can convert from SDF playground to OAS2.0. The OCF SDFtooling publicly available.

Involved Repositories of OCF SDF conversion

repo name Description
OCF SDFtooling conversion tooling between OAS2.0 and SDF
OAS2.0 files Information for the standardization work for IETF meeting 108
playground OneDM Playground


Tooling created and hosted by Ericsson Research. Tooling to:

  • convert from IPSO to SDF
  • convert SDF to IPSO

Conversions implemented in such way that the oid mapping is retained in the conversion.

repo name Description
IPSO-ODM conversion tooling between OAS2.0 and SDF