High level terms mapped to terms used by various organisations.

SDF Definition OMA IPSO/LwM2M OCF Zigbee WoT TD iotschema.org
sdfThing LwM2M device OCF Device Device Type TD instance iotThing
sdfObject Object OCF Resource Cluster TD instance iotCapability
sdfProperty Resource JSON property Attribute Property iotProperty
sdfAction Resource OCF Resource Command Action iotAction
sdfEvent (SEND interface?) response of Observe Event Event iotEvent
sdfData   reusable definitions at #/definitions Data Type DataSchema iotData
sdfIn/outputData   schema Command Fields input, output DataSchema iotData
sdfChoice enum enum enum enum data enum, RDF
sdfRef   $ref N/A N/A RDF links
sdfRequired   required N/A required  
sdfProduct   N/A      


Qualities mapped to terms used by various organisations

Quality Description OMA IPSO/LwM2M OCF OpenAPI
label human readable name Name n (as JSON property)
description human readable description Description description
title human readable title to display Name title
$comment explanatory comments XML comments N/A
sdfRequired Array of JSON Pointers to mandatory items in a valid definition Optional required
sdfRef reference to a definition to be used as a template for a new definition Re-usable resources $ref
readable Reads are allowed Operations: R readOnly, Note 1
writable Writes are allowed Operations: W readOnly, Note 1
observable flag to indicate asynchronous notification is available (always) (always)
contentFormat IANA media type string text/raw/SenML N/A
subtype subtype enumeration (Part of) Type N/A
units SenML unit code Units N/A
nullable indicates a null value is available for this type true N/A
scaleMinimum lower limit of value in units N/A N/A
scaleMaximum upper limit of value in units N/A N/A
type JSON data type Type identical
minimum lower limit of value in the representation format RangeEnumeration identical, Note 2
maximum upper limit of value in the representation format RangeEnumeration identical, Note 2
multipleOf indicates the resolution of the number in representation format N/A step, Note 2
enum enumeration constraint TBD: Enumeration identical
pattern regular expression to constrain a string pattern N/A identical
format JSON Schema formats N/A identical
minLength shortest length string in octets RangeEnumeration identical
maxLength longest length string in octets RangeEnumeration identical
default specifies the default value for initialization N/A identical
const specifies a constant value for a data item or property N/A enum with single value

OCF is using Open API Specification 2.0 as data model mechanism.

Note 1: OpenAPI specification has different sections in the modeling lanuage which can be used to make readable and writable explicit. When a resource can be updated and is using a single schema for the payloads then the readOnly means that that property should not occur in the update payload.

Note 2: For data definitions the JSON schema constructs are used. However, each implementation can be further restricted by using range and step properties.